Harry Boldt Award

Sponsored by Combined Horse Transport

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Eligible Levels – Advanced to Grand Prix

Eligible Time Frame for 2019 – 1st of January 2019 to 31st August 2019.

Compulsory Criteria – Eligible horse and rider combinations must compete at a minimum of two Brookleigh Official Competitions judged by an interstate judge between the commencement of the calendar year and the final competition prior to the cut of date for National Dressage Championships entries. The two relevant scores must be from two different interstate judges.

Winning of Award – The winner will be chosen from the highest average score taken from two tests by the same horse and rider combination. Eligible scores can be obtained from tests of different levels if they comply with the criteria of Advanced to Grand Prix. There will be one winner only with the highest average score from Advanced to Grand Prix.

What prize includes – The prize does not include rider transport or travel costs, or entry fees to the competition. It includes the transport costs of the horse from Perth to the state where the Nationals are to take place. The rider is responsible for agistment, training and feeding costs while away and to enter the National’s. Brookleigh Riding Club and Combined Horse Transport take no responsibility for the health and welfare of the horse once the horse has left the care of Combined Horse Transport. The rider must communicate all departure and pick up dates with Combined Horse Transport direct.

Default of Award – The rider must decide with three weeks of winning the award if they intend to go to the National Dressage Competition. If the rider declines, the trip can be offered to the horse and rider combination who got the second highest average score over two tests. The winning rider will still be the winner of the Harry Boldt Award for that year.

Responsibility of Brookleigh Dressage club – Brookleigh Dressage Club will endeavor to run 4 events with interstate judges in the eligible time frame, allowing horse and rider combinations time to enter at least two events to meet the compulsory criteria.

Event of a draw – In the event of a draw, the winner will be given to the horse and rider combination who received the highest score overall on one test.