Brookleigh Dressage Club

Brookleigh Dressage Club has been established for the sole purpose of running competitions for Competitor, Participant, Association and Club riders. Competitions would also be run for specific horse breeds and even an over 55’s class. The competitions will be professional with a friendly atmosphere, achieved through the social and intimate feel of Brookleigh Estate. Combine this with the great food and beverages from the wonderful Swan Valley and the day is already a winner.

Competitions are boutique and scheduled over two-days and hosted in the beautiful indoor arena. The indoor arena at Brookleigh Estate is dry in winter and wonderfully cool in summer, allowing competitions all year round.

Running one arena means helper duties are minimal, alternatively you can pay a small fee and be off the hook. If you are not competing and want to help on the day you will be paid!!

Dressage Prize 2

For a lot of us, the hardest part of riding a dressage test is putting in your entry. Brookleigh Dressage Club has interclub mentoring available from experienced competitors for those who are just starting out in the sport. Brookleigh Dressage Club is about providing a venue to consistently go down the centreline and gain experience in arena craftsmanship. To help achieve this Club Protocol days will also be included in the calendar.

Joining Brookleigh Dressage Club allows for first access to clinics being run by Equestrian at Brookleigh, as well as the other member benefits listed on the Brookleigh Membership Benefits page.  Most importantly, you can enjoy yourself on competition day in the intimate and beautiful club surroundings that are Brookleigh Estate.

2024 Training Days:


2023 Rally Days:

The first Tuesday of selected months from February to November

2024 Official Competitions:

Dates TBC
February – Brookleigh Sunrise Competition 1
March – Brookleigh Sunrise Competition 2
May – Brookleigh High Point Series 1
May – Brookleigh Estate FEI Dressage in the Valley
June – Brookleigh High Point Series 2
July – Brookleigh High Point Series 3
October – Brookleigh Spring into 2025

2024 In House Competitions:

April 16th
Brookleigh Prizes Dressage
Dinah harry and Elaine (002)

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