Welcome to the Brookleigh Riding Club

Brookleigh Riding Club has been established to provide a fun, social and dynamic club that allows riders of all levels to come together and enjoy their equine partners. The best thing about joining a Brookleigh Club (apart from the beautiful grounds) is you can join more than one club, thus trying something new, and challenging yourself in a mentoring and safe environment.

Brookleigh Riding Clubs include an Adult Riding Club, a Dressage Club and a Working Equitation Club. All 3 clubs are run as Not for Profit Incorporations with their own committees and exist separately from each other, but being on the same venue allows for some unique crossovers and interesting overlap of ideas.


Brookleigh Adult Riding Club


Brookleigh Dressage Club


Brookleigh Working Equitation Club

All the instructors are insured, qualified and experienced in their discipline and we utilise them across all 3 clubs, helping you to gain confidence if you would like to try something different and exciting. Brookleigh Riding clubs will be affiliated with their state, national and international bodies, ensuring all guidelines are met and allowing us to take part in interclub challenges and State and National competitions.

Brookleigh Riding Club knows the 3 most important factors in enjoying our horses is providing a social, dynamic and safe environment that allows us to challenge ourselves as much as we want to. So, whether you are a pleasure rider, getting back into riding after a few years absence, a dedicated competitor looking for some quality events, or like the majority of us somewhere in between, Brookleigh Riding Clubs are the perfect place to achieve your riding dreams and goals.

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