Vanessa Hancox

Vanessa is a professional competitor, trainer, coach and clinician. She has been involved in Western Australia’s horse community for over 30 years. Based in the beautiful Swan Valley and travelling throughout the state, Vanessa holds more than 60 sold-out clinics each year catering for all levels of horse and riders. She specialises in Groundwork, Polework, Athletic Flatwork and Western Dressage.


Natalie Hibbert

Natalie is a Level 1 Coach, training Level 2 with over 20 years teaching experience. She has taught all levels from beginners to 2 star eventers, medium level dressage, adult riders and pony club. As an event rider herself she has experience in the three Olympic disciplines specialising in eventing and thoroughbreds. She is very patient and loves to help in all aspects of riding from performance analysis to achieving own personal goals. Nat’s own interest lie in event riding, currently 2 star and bringing youngsters up through the grades.

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Alison Lee

Full time coach/owner ” Henley Brook Dressage Centre ”
British Horse Society A.I Windmill Hill Riding Academy 1980.
N.C.A.S Level 2 General Coach 1983.
Rosamel Riding Centre 15 years coaching individuals and groups all levels.
Mary Hanna 2 years working young dressage horses and training with Grand Prix horses.
Showjumping and Eventing ( Open intermediate ) for many years.
State Eventing Squad. State Dressage Squad (F.E.I level) several times.
Clinics with, Harry Bolt, Nuno Olivera, Captain Mark Phillips, Andrew Hoy and many other talented coaches.
Best memories , Anky Van Grunsven choosing to ride my F.E.I horse “Master of Elegance”  Showjumping inside the Burswood Superdome.

Bio Natascha Wachter

Natascha Wachter

NCAS Dressage Coach Level I
NCAS Horsemastership Level II
International Trainer Licence Level I
German Instructor Qualification (FN)

Originally from a non-horsey family background, Natascha started riding as a child and developed a keen interest in equestrian sports. Throughout her youth she needed to work in order to afford each and every ride and lesson, amongst other equestrian activities.
She started competing as a teenager with her own horses, trained with Mr Bernhard Fliegl (now Head Coach of the Federal German Paradressage Olympic team). Natascha also underwent training at the headquarters of the German Equestrian Society at Münster/Westfalia where she acquired a instructor degree under Mr Michael Putz (the co-author of “The German Principles of Riding”).
After emigrating to Australia, Natascha worked as a dressage instructor at Centura Riding School owned by FEI competitor Roz Tippett, and completed her NCAS coaching qualifications with her mentors Roz Tippett, Zoe Harrison and Dwight Pedlow. She continuously furthered her training with Zoe Harrison, Dwight Pedlow, Peter Shaw, Ron Paterson, and Melissa Barry-Emery, all well-known Australian professional dressage riders, coaches and judges. She teaches mainly private lessons and conducts clinics and courses, but has also contributed much to local Adult Rider and Pony Clubs. In 2013, Natascha was honoured to receive the Dressage Coach of the Year award from Pony Club WA.
At present, Natascha is an active competitor with her self-trained Australian Warmblood mare Sandalwood Choral at Elementary level, and teaches riders of all ages and abilities according to the German Training Scale up to Elementary/Medium.


Nina Guelfi

With over 30 years of life experience including starting young horses, track work and running away with the circus to be a trick rider gives Nina quite a diverse range of skills. You will find Nina’s classes are focused on completing the obstacles correctly, providing a safe and calm environment while also being fun and inviting. Nina isn’t too fussed how you choose to communicate with your horse whether its with a standard or western bridle, with a fancy bit or no bit as long it works for you and your horse and it fits within the rules & guidelines of the discipline you want to do and most importantly your horse is safe & happy everyone is welcome.

Nina enjoys working with her young breaker and more advanced riding, including Dressage, Working Equitation and Liberty Work with her equine partner in crime and Passara … A certified Working Equitation Judge  specialising in Maneability ( Obstacles Style & Speed) ,  is fully insured and along with other coaches and Working Equitation leaders  Nina is committed to the continued learning and development  of  her students, herself and the sport and helping those she gets to meet along the way.

Whether Working equitation is your chosen sport or will compliment what you are already doing. Nina wants you to feel safe, have fun and be apart of your team of support and coaches around you to help you achieve your equine dreams.  Welcome to Brookleigh Working Equitation riding for everyone…..having fun & learning together one hoof beat at a time!


David Carey

Horses have always been a passion of mine. I believe they offer more than just a vehicle to compete in our sport of choice but are animals that can provide us with joy and teach us more about ourselves.

My background with horses has been in Eventing and as a trainer in the Police Mounted Section where I served for 11 years. As an event rider I enjoyed all three phases of training placing a big emphasis on horses travelling well on the flat and the importance of balance in all paces. As a coach my passion is also to teach show jumping and cross country. I have been coaching in adult riding clubs and pony clubs for 20 years now and have built a solid reputation which I believe is due to treating people as individuals. I believe it is important to listen, observe the horse and rider and then tactfully develop strategies through good communication which best targets the horse rider combination improving their relationship and training outcomes. I don’t put my expectations on what the horse and rider should do, but listen and try to find out what it is the rider would like to achieve from their riding. I have also had extensive experience in desensitising of horses for police duties and have incorporated this type of training into adult riding clubs. As a mounted police officer I performed displays in vaulting acrobatics which seemed a lifetime ago.

My focus these days is developing the most balanced paces and developing a heightened feel and understanding of contact and lightness which I feel is not as understood as it could be.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all.


Jenny Manuel

Jenny has ridden all her life; she got her first horse at 3 years of age and has never looked back.

She trained for several years with Heath & Rozzie Ryan in Lochinvar and as a staff member she would train both young and experienced horses, while also being involved in the extensive breeding program.

Jenny’s interests have always been with Eventing, and she loves training and developing both the horse and rider for Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country.

In addition to being an EA LEVEL 2 (General) Coach, Jenny is also a Judge (H Level Dressage).

Jenny and her husband Dean own Alchemy Equestrian in Henley Brook where she has both a riding school and conducts private lessons.

Caren Robinson

Les Bunnings

Alissa Dods

Bella Robson